LOGIC PRO 2 - Device Capsule Pen

Logic Pro Key Features

  • Vape pen design
  • Interchangeable liquid capsules ensure no spilling or mess
  • Simple one button operation
  • Long-lasting 650 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Stylish matte black finish
  • Dimensions - 137mm x 14mm

Simplistic and sleek in stainless steel, the Pro Starter Kit by Logic Vapes uses their own Logic PRO capsules for a simple and effective vaping experience.

About the Logic Pro Starter Kit

Pod mod technology integrated into a sturdy vape pen shell, the Logic Pro 2 Starter Kit provides the best of both worlds. This kit is a great choice for those who enjoy the comfortable rounded pen design but are looking to break into the hassle-free world of pre-filled interchangeable capsules. The Logic Pro 2's three-part design makes it easy to assemble and use - the capsules are easily slotted in between the battery and the nozzle and are interchangeable at any time. The small viewing window means you'll know when your current capsule is low on e-liquid, leaving nothing to guesswork.

The powerful integrated 650 mAh battery can be fully charged in under 2 hours, and for the average vaper will provide a full 24 hours of use. The device can be switched on and off simply by pressing the activation button 5 consecutive times, helping you ensure efficient battery usage. Topped off with a sleek matte black finish, the Logic Pro 2 is a stylish addition to your collection which may just become your new best friend.

The Logic Pro does not include any pods, these must be purchased separately.